100th Birthday Celebrations!

| January 30th, 2012

The following are some of Sr. Veronica’s memories – in her own words:

“I can remember the Black and Tans moving around the Curragh in black vans. In December 1920, five black and tan vans came to our home with a warrant to search for arms. During the search they went into every room accompanied by my mother. They went through the contents of every cupboard, wardrobe and chest of drawers. The youngest of the family, a baby girl of three months, was asleep in a cot in a bedroom. My mother told the leader of the party about the baby and he warned the men to go quietly, which they did. The leader asked my mother a number of questions about my father who worked in the camp but was not in the army…. I remember May 16 1922 very well. The rain poured down in torrents all day from early morning, but it did not dampen our spirits as we eagerly awaited the last lowering of the Union Jack from the Curragh Water Tower and the first raising of the Tricolour on the same tower… A story is told of two friends, who watched the last of the British soldiers passing through Newbridge on their way to Dublin to embark for England. One man turned to the other and said, “That’s the end of them, thank God. Now we can fight away in peace among ourselves!”

All who know and love Sr. Veronica wish her well on this momentous occasion. Happy 100th Birthday, Sr. Veronica!