Opening Address

“…And so in this chapter, we look back over the experience of the past few years.  In faith, we recognise that God has walked with us “all along Time-to-evaluate1the way …to this place” [Deut 1: 31].

This looking back can help us see and give thanks for that abiding presence of God in our lives.

Looking back at our experience infuses what we have lived with greater meaning; we can have a different, more insightful outlook on what we have lived; looking back clarifies our sense of purpose, renews our passion and enthusiasm for the mission.

Looking back in truth helps us clearly see what work still needs to be done, as well as what needs to be left behind.  May the conviction that God is with us help us live this Chapter with great faith, hope and love.”

So this is the first task we need to do at this Chapter – an honest evaluation of what we have lived up till now.

Other tasks

–   elect delegates to the General Chapter
–   select three issues that we would like to be considered at the General Chapter
–   proposals that we wish to send from our Province to the Chapter.





So, as we begin our Chapter let us be mindful of the presence of God in 14 billion years of development of the cosmos, in the great story of our beginnings.  Let us open our minds and hearts to the presence of God in all creation, in one another and in the community we form together.