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The Holy Family General House and Administrative Centre, Rome

              The Holy Family General House and Administrative Centre, Rome


The Holy Family Religious Institute
of Apostolic and Contemplative Sisters


 General Leadership Team for the Religious Institute


Micheline Kenda, Geni dos Santos, Malanie (General Bursar), Ana Maria Alcalde (General Leader), Kumudini Dassanyake, Bernadette Taurinya (Vicar for Contemplatives), Eithne Hughes


Lay and Priest Members

The Lay Members, in every country where they are, elect a National Committee to guide and promote their vocation. A Continental Leader is chosen from the Associates on each of the continents. Together, they form an Inter-Continental Committee that works closely with the members of the General Leadership Team.


The Council of the Family

is an assembly that periodically brings together the leaders of the different Holy Family vocations to deepen our understanding of what it is to be a Family in the church today and decide on areas of common action. It is composed of:

  • the Leadership Teams of the Religious and Secular Institutes,

  • the Inter-Continental Committee of Lay Associates,

  • representatives of the Priest Associates.

The Holy Family International Congress

is a worldwide gathering of delegates from all the Holy Family vocation held every ten years. It is a time for us to reflect on who we are and where we stand at this point in time, to consider our progress from the last gathering to the present one, to work in prayer and dialogue to chart the journey forward together.



To meet the Provincial Leadership Team and Lay Associate Committees in Britain and Ireland click here…