Chennai, India, hit by deadly floods

| December 8th, 2015

In Britain and Ireland now, many areas of our countries are experiencing severe flooding with all the hardships that come with this type of disaster. Amid fears and signs that floods will become more frequent and we are looking at how damage can be limited if not prevented. We have the means though the will on the part of the authorities may not always be there. We are reminded by our sisters in India of a similar situation where there is even greater and more frequent hardship.

India suffers flooding every year during the annual monsoon rains from June to September. This year, the monsoon has been particularly strong over south India and more so in Tamil Nadu. At least 269 people have died in unseasonal floods in Tamil Nadu state over the past month. Sr. Mary Arokiam, Unit Leader India writes:

I would like to give you some information about our situation. In Tamil Nadu, people are facing lot of difficulties due to heavy rain. They are without their basic needs. In Chennai community, 3 of our buildings are filled with water. The Sisters (those who have not been sent to other communities) are staying on the 1st floor. Due to electricity failure, we are unable to contact you. We all are praying to God to stop the rain. Whenever possible I will communicate with you by sms message. Please continue to pray for us.”