Eco-Congregation Ireland Inaugural Conference

| September 16th, 2012

Eco-Congregation Ireland Inaugural ConferenceFourteen Holy Family sisters were among the 140 people from all over Ireland and a few from the UK who attended the Eco-Congregation Ireland inaugural conference, “God’s Creation – Our Responsibility?” in Dromantine Conference Centre on Fri 14th and Sat 15th September.

It was a very busy couple of days with input sessions followed by lively discussions. There was a wide range of workshops from which we could choose three. The emphasis was on sharing ideas and practical information and it was not easy to settle on a topic so fascinating were they all. All this fuelled the passion of everyone for Creation and helped us to focus our energies better.

The ecumenical aspect of the gathering was a wonderful experience. That so many Christian denominations – Methodists, Quakers, Church of Ireland/England, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic – could gather to reflect with such common purpose on a topic of cosmic dimensions was humbling and hope inspiring.

During mealtimes, in the corridors and out walking people met for the first time or renewed old friendships. They discovered common interests through their work and projects in community and parish. This was called an inaugural meeting but it was striking to learn how much is already being done in all sorts of ways.

At the end of his workshop titled, Weather Matters, Alex Hill invited his audience to reflect on the question:

What are you going to do when you leave here, Personally, Professionally, Organisationally?

It is one we can all ponder.

We hope to post the Conference papers as they come out.

Holy Family Sisters at Eco-Congregations Launch