EU Anti-Human Trafficking Day

| October 12th, 2013

Seventh EU Anti-Trafficking Day, 18 October


Exploring the Links between the Internet and Trafficking in Human Beings: Cyberspace for Prevention, not Recruitment

Vilnius, 18th October 2013

In order to mark the Seventh EU Anti-Trafficking Day, the Lithuanian Presidency and European Commission are organising in Vilnius on 18th October 2013 a conference entitled “Exploring the Links between the Internet and Trafficking in Human Beings: Cyberspace for Prevention, not Recruitment“.

On this occasion, experts from different governments, law enforcement, national rapporteurs or equivalent mechanisms, civil society organisations and academics, as well as the private sector and the media will meet in order to discuss the role of the Internet in the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings.

Trafficking in human beings is the slavery of our times, a severe human rights violation and a complex transnational crime. Key reports – including the EU Serious and Organised Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA 2013) – highlight that the Internet is today a key means for the recruitment as well as advertising the services of victims of trafficking.

This conference aims at exploring and raising awareness on the links between the Internet and trafficking in human beings and to improving cooperation between Member States working together with different stakeholders in this context. It further aims at improving coherence by bringing together different stakeholders, including the civil society and the private sector in order to improve anti-trafficking responses and addressing the numerous challenges. It focuses on the different areas of prevention, law enforcement, assistance and protection of victims and it is meant to facilitate discussion on the ways to work together to target trafficking in human beings specifically via internet.

For this conference, experts from the EU Member States (in particular from non-governmental Organisation and law enforcement) have been invited, as well as representatives from international organisations. Should you be interested in attending, please contact your respective authorities.