Death of Mother Trinity Noailles

March 16th, 2016 All Day

Catherine Aimee Noailles (1791 – 1850),

Catherine Aimee was the sister of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles, and one of the first three religious  of the Holy Family of Bordeaux.

Golden brown bread
whether made from white or wheaten flour
gives life and strength.
It is the future.
It is made from a little seed willing
to be lost in the earth
to germinate
and then, one day, having grown,
consenting to be ground.
To be ground, I say!
That is the price of the golden-brown bread
that bears the promise of life and future.

Perhaps there is something of that in the life of Catherine Aimee
who became Mother Trinity
and a foundation stone
of the Holy Family of Bordeaux?

The Holy Family of Bethlehem
is indeed the “house of bread”.