Finding a path to lasting peace…

| April 1st, 2016



Finding a path to lasting peace,
through conflict resolution and reconciliation


The Shalom Center for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation pursues lasting peace by producing the empirical research of the root causes of each conflict, teaching conflict resolution and building inter-tribal trust and cooperation. It holds workshops, trains tribal leaders in conflict resolution, and encourages sustainable human development, for example, through the building of schools powered by solar energy in remote areas historically troubled by violence.

Shalom believes that peace is not merely the absence of violence, and strives to create cooperation and dialogue where none exists. During its brief history, the organization has been a major contributor to the national, civil and religious domains of society, bringing peace and reconciliation to the tribal areas of Kenya Bordering Uganda, South Sudan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. In addition, Shalom has been acknowledged as one of the key organisations preventing post-election violence during the 2013 electoral process in Kenya, which was characterised by almost no violence and a high voter turnout. Shalom’s work continues in Kenya, and extends to neighbouring countries in East Africa.

Video: Shalom Centre for Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation