Priest kidnapped in Cameroon – Holy Family Sisters threatened

| November 22nd, 2013

Sr Agnes, Delegation leader in Cameroon-Chad, sent the folowing account of a night of terror on 19 November in the parish of Mokolo Mboua, Cameroon:

Priest kidnapped from a parish in the Diocese of Maroua-Mokolo

Since the events of BOKO Aram in Nigeria, in our diocese there is a camp for refugees some 28 km from Mokolo. An appeal has been launched to help our sisters and brothers in distress.

Mokolo is a city located almost on the border with Nigeria. There are parishes that share the border with the neighboring country. Since the kidnapping of the French family, we know that we are in a red zone. Many Nigerian families come to Cameroon villages to seek refuge.

Father Georges lives in NGUETCHEWE where he is parish priest. He is very sensitive to the situation of the people who are suffering and he remained with them; he also gave help to anyone he met.

On Tuesday morning, 19 November, he was in Mokolo to accompany the girls who had come to start training in a parish centre at Mokolo Mboua. The head of the centre, Brenetta, an Italian, chatted with the priest sharing what was happening around us. It so happened that on returning home that Tuesday night, gunmen came and took him from his house and brought him to neighboring Nigeria.

These armed men had first gone to the Sisters of the Holy Family in Helmet. They demanded money very threateningly and, as they found nothing, they went to the priest who was then asleep. During that time, the two sisters were well guarded by two gunmen

They asked for money; then they left with him. The Governor has been alerted and the search is still going on. But the priest has not yet been found.

Pray for us.

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