It’s a Small World

| January 25th, 2011

Quite recently I attended the funeral of the mother of a friend and work colleague. The funeral was held in a Church in Wallasey which is situated across the River Mersey from Liverpol.

My friend’s sister gave a Eulogy which was a great tribute to their mother’s life. My friend has three sisters and one brother. The brother died about 3 years ago aged about 50 years but he was not expected to live past the age of 13 years as he had contracted meningitis and was bedridden for all those years. His sister explained how strong their mother was when her son was diagnosed and how family, neighbours and friends rallied round to help their mother and father cope. The neighbours mentioned were Mr & Mrs Suffield who lived next door to the family and when I asked my friend about them she confirmed their names as May and Bert and I told her of the link between them and myself as members of the Holy Family lay Associates. The lady who died was called Mrs Marion Duckworth.

I was amazed at how people are linked together and wanted to share this story with you of how good deeds are remembered.

Sheila Horridge

Skelmersdale Lay Associates Group.