Holy Family Youth Group set up in Newbridge

| April 25th, 2013

 A special celebration took place in St. Conleth’s Parish Church  April 25,  to mark the occasion when the very first group of Holy Family Youth  committed themselves to live according to the spirit and aim of Fr Pierre Bienvenu Noailles, Founder of what he then called the Association of the Holy Family.  The group,  composed of twenty one girls from fifth year aged 17 years,  with family members, teachers, Holy Family Sisters and Lay Associates  participated in the celebration of  Mass.   The Liturgy was greatly enhanced by the singing of the Newbridge Gospel Choir.

Sr. Kate Cuskelly, school Chaplain, together with Edel Mulligan, Lay Associate, formed the Holy Family Youth Group last year having the full support of the Principal, Mrs. Ryan.   The overall aim of the project is to encourage and support a spirit of generosity and volunteering in young people,  which is rewarding and life-enhancing for the receiver and the giver.

Like all members of Pierre Bienvenu Noailles’s Spiritual Family, the young people are encouraged to take as their inspiration the life and virtues of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph and follow the example of the first Christian communities who “had but one heart and one mind”.

“Live your faith through positive action,  spread the Good News of Jesus, be Family, build Family” is one way of translating Fr. Noailles’s motto: Glory to God alone in Jesus Christ.

In her  introduction,  Sr. Kate  said how pleased she was to be involved in the very first Holy Family Youth Group in Britain and Ireland and she hopes this project will be ongoing.

In recognition of the hard work undertaken by all concerned, special presentations were made to Sr. Kate and Edel by the students who thanked everyone most sincerely for inviting them to become members of  Holy Family Youth.  They said they found the experience to be both rewarding and challenging but they thoroughly enjoy being part of the Holy Family.

The celebration ended with an invitation to all to partake of refreshments  in the Holy Family School.