Nominated to the Synod of the Family

| September 29th, 2014

The news that Sr. Margaret Muldoon, former General Leader of the Religious Institute of the Holy Family of Bordeaux, has been nominated by the IUSG (International Union of Superiors General) as their representative at the upcoming Synod of the Family has been greeted with joy by all the members of the spiritual family of Fr. Noailles.

When the news became public in Ireland it was wrongly assumed, possibly because the Vatican press release simply stated, ‘Sr. Margaret, Ireland’, that she was chosen to represent Ireland. This was commented upon by We are Church who were quoted in The Tablet of 20 September (Laity attacks lack of representatives at synod, p. 33) and the Association of Catholic Priests.

For more comment on the controversy surrounding the lack of  a broader representation of lay people, especially married couples and women, at the synod, click here…