Association of the Holy Family

Vision of the whole

Fr. Noailles had a broad vision for the Holy Family. He did not see it under the form of a narrow organisation, nor even in the strict form of a religious congregation, but as a very extensive family destined to renew society and the church. This he made clear when he wrote:


“In the primitive Church, Christians had but one heart and one mind, and whatever the inequality of their conditions or the diversity of their works, in solitude or in the world, they considered themselves as forming, in the midst of infidel nations, but one and the same family. It is to renew, as far as possible, amongst us such a touching spectacle that the Association of the Holy Family was founded and that all the disciples were invited to join it in order to put in commmon their prayers and their merits, to console one another in their sorrows and support one another mutually in the practice of all the virtues and to devote themselves to all kinds of good works, but more especially to those which will be adopted by the Association.”  (1851)