Pakistan Christians unnerved by Lahore church attack

| March 16th, 2015

Suicide bombers attacked two churches in the Pakistani city of Lahore on Sunday, killing many and sparking deadly riots. Pakistani Christians have launched protests demanding more security for religious minorities.


Sr. Angelina Sohan HFB sent us this message about the bombing in Lahore:

You must have heard and seen the news about the bomb blast in Lahore. I, too, would like to share with you. This morning, it was the 3rd mass in the church and it was packed. Two persons attempted to enter the gate but the security people did not allowed them to come in. There was a fight and soon after the blast was heard. The two security people died on the spot A second bomb was put in the other church and blasted after a few minutes. Now 35 are dead and 70 injured and many are in the hospital seriously injured.

In many places our Christians are out on the road protesting. We, too, have just had a meeting with our priests and Christian people and are going out for a peace walk in the morning. The situation is tense. Christians have blocked the roads.

Our sisters in Lahore are ok and today they had Mass in the community at 12 o’clock. We all are very sad.

Thank you Sisters, especially the General community, for writing mails and phoning us. Thank you all for your love and prayers. I felt how much we are close to each other. Please continue to pray for us and our country.


From Sr. Thresa Perera, Pakistan.  Further details 19 March

Thank you for your loving concern and for the messages of encouragement. In fact I wanted to communicate with you but had no way as there was no internet working. At last it is on and so here I am to share some news. Maybe by now you know most of it. We foreigners are asked to be always with the guards. Sheila and I have three guards who take turns day and night. Today the persons from the security, CID, and Special Branch came to see if we are okay. Our school also has to have security.

The day the attack took place we were in Lahore having the formation team meeting, so the arrangement was made for us to have Mass in our house. Some went to the early morning Mass. The person who sees to the garden normally goes to the later Mass and comes out quickly. That day he too had not gone. So we were relieved.

However we could not continue our meeting from that time for we could hear the ambulances speeding up with the alarm. It was not easy to bear up. Since the youth were on the road and were damaging all that came their way we could not go to the site. Though we were to leave for our respective places that evening we could not do so as everything was stopped. The next morning we went to the church and saw the place where it happened.

The young men who were on duty to see to the security detected the boy who had come with the bomb. One of the guards, named Akash, did not allow him to go through the gate and had hugged him. Just then he had exploded the bomb. Many who were outside were injured and some expired on the spot. The shops near the gate were also damaged and the proprietors of those shops also died.

We stayed for the prayer service and then went to the hospital to see the victims and it was not easy either. We managed to see a few who are very serious and were in the ICU. Hundreds of people are waiting outside praying and wandering around. We are also praying and we obey the authorities. We need to cooperate with them as they do their best for the safety of all.

We need to see to the security measures for all of us, having an extra guard in the premises all the time. We had to install CCTV cameras too. A while ago we heard that in Karachi they threw a bomb into a school from outside. The camera had detected this. But this does not ensure safety. As you say, we rely on our merciful Father. He does truly protect us. We rely on Him and His protective care. May our God be praised.