Pope: We are all responsible for the scourge of child labour

| June 11th, 2020

Source: Vatican News

During his General Audience on Wednesday, 10 June, streamed from the library of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis spoke about the many victims of child labour, who have been “deprived of their childhood.” He noted that this Friday, is the World Day Against Child Labour, a phenomenon which the Pope said “endangers” the development of so many boys and girls.

The Holy Father said: “in the current health emergency situation, in several countries many children and young people are forced into jobs that are inappropriate for their age, in order to help their families in conditions of extreme poverty, Often these are forms of slavery and imprisonment, resulting in physical and psychological suffering.”

“All of us are responsible for this,” said the Pope.

“I appeal to the institutions to make every effort to protect minors,” Pope Francis said. He called for a revision of the unjust economic and social structures which lead to the exploitation of children.

The Pope concluded: “Children are the future of the human family: it is up to all of us to foster their growth, health and serenity.”