Prayer of the Day

12 Jan

January 12th, 2014
"Lord Jesus, help us during this New Year to grow to full maturity as your disciples. Amen" Matthew 3 : 16

All four Gospels begin the public ministry of Jesus with the preaching of John the Baptist who heralded Jesus as the promised Messiah. John had been explaining that Jesus’ Baptism would be much greater than his, when suddenly Jesus came to him and asked to be baptised. John felt unqualified. He wanted Jesus to baptise him. Why did Jesus ask to be baptised? It was not for repentance for sin, because Jesus never sinned. Jesus saw his baptism as advancing God’s work.

Today’s feast of the Baptism of Jesus is an invitation to all of us to revisit our own Baptism. Through Baptism we are right beside Jesus at his Baptism. The same words addressed to Jesus are addressed to us, “You are my beloved child, in whom I am well pleased.”

Prayer Feast of The Baptism of The Lord