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Daily Prayer

July 20th, 2016
"Imagine a man going out to sow." Matthew 13 : 4

With these words Jesus introduces the parable of the sower.  This is an image the people would have been familiar with.  They understood that the end result depended on the fertility of the soil on which it falls.  Nothing happens until harvest time when depending where the seed fell the farmer will harvest accordingly.  It can be good,  bad or indifferent.  The seed,  the Word of God,  is available to everyone.  And when we go to meet Him will we have nourished it and helped it grow in our hearts.


Thank you Jesus for the parable of the sower. Give us and our children a fresh understanding of it. On our own we cannot nourish the rich seed of the divine sower. We are here to yield a hundred fold but cannot do it on our own. Help us to care for it in prayer and good works. Amen