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Daily Prayer

October 12th, 2016
"Master he said; 'When you speak like that you insult us too.' " Luke 11 : 45

Jesus continues reproaching the Pharisees for the way they obey the law. Jesus listens to the lawyer and in his reply does not mince his words. They interpret the law in a way that suits them. They too fool the people and are no better than the Pharisees. They know and practise the letter of the law but not its spirit.


Jesus, give us the grace to see our faults and failings as we go through life. Strip us of hypocrisy and untruths or half truths in our daily life. Give us a good heart so that we never try to fool others. Help us to always extend a helping hand, never expecting anything in return. Whatever we do or think let it be for you. Amen