Prayer of the Day


June 8th, 2014
""Tongues of fire appeared which separated and came to rest on the heads of each one of them and they were all filled with the Holy Spirit."" Acts 2 : 1

The Apostles had gathered with Mary, the Mother of Jesus, in an upper room in Jerusalem.  They were doing as Jesus had told them,  that is, preparing themselves for the coming of the life-giving Holy Spirit.  Suddenly,  they heard what they thought was the sound of a mighty,  fierce wind blowing upon them.  The Holy Spirit had touched them.

They were changed men.  This was another Mt. Tabor.  It was what Paul experienced on the road to Damascus.  God had taken possession of them,  their lives were turned upside down.   Great crowds had come to Jerusalem for the feast of Pentecost.  They were amazed that each one heard the Apostles speak in their own language.  However,  some thought they must have taken too much wine.  But, as Peter pointed out to them,  it was too early in the day to get drunk!  On the other hand,  they were drunk – drunk with the power of the Holy Spirit.

And that Spirit is still in the world.  From that Spirit the Church was born.  She is still with us to-day.  We are privileged to be members of that Church born of the Holy Spirit.  A new era began that day in Jerusalem.  A new age dawned – the age of Christ.  Christianity had reached our world.   What a wonderful privilege to be a member of God’s Church!   What kind of member am I?  Am I half-hearted or totally committed?

Prayer Pentecost Sunday