Prayer of the Day


April 26th, 2015
"“I came that they may have life and have it to the full.”" John 10 : 10

In contrast to the thief who takes life, Jesus gives life. The life he gives right now is abundantly richer and fuller. It is eternal, yet it begins immediately. Life in Christ is lived on a higher plane because of his overflowing forgiveness, love and guidance. We could ask ourselves, ‘Have we taken Christ’s offer of life?”

Jesus has promised his followers life in abundance, but we sometimes live out of a ‘scarce’ life. We are surrounded each day by manifestations of God’s abundance – God’s kindness, compassion, mercy, love – mediated to us through those whose lives we share, but we sometimes opt to live out of a scarce life of complaining, self-pity, resentfulness…

Prayer Lord, help me to recognise the many ways you share your life with me – mediated through the love and kindness of those I meet along the way. Amen