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Daily Prayer

June 17th, 2015
"“When you pray go to your room, and pray to your Father in secret."" Matthew 6 : 6

We are again reminded in the 1st reading (2 Cor.9, 6-11), that God loves a cheerful giver. He gives every needed grace, enough for all our growth, and expects us also to respond to him generously.  

In our Gospel  reading, there is a renewed call to be generous, give alms cheerfully, not counting the cost. Our sharing is to be done secretly as well as our private prayer. Only God is to know when we fast, share our resources, or pray and He will repay us accordingly.   No showing – off for us as Christians.   “What  did you do today?” asked the mother of her 9 children.  “Well I came first in running” said one.  “I came first in Maths “etc. came the answers.  “No” she said, “What did you really do?”   They were perplexed.   “What did you do to help other people?”—————————

Prayer Let us pray for good and generous hearts that we might be inspired to give our time, energy and talents to help others. Amen