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August 3rd, 2015
"Is he not the carpenter's son ?" Matthew 13 : 55

Jesus came into his own,  but his own did not receive him.  Today’s Gospel describes the truth of this passage as Jesus comes among his relatives in his native place.  They cannot figure him out.  Their ignorance gave way to fear and then to offence.  As a result,  Jesus worked no miracles in Nazareth,  and because of his rejection,  was moved to make his famous declaration; “A prophet is not without honour except in his own country and in his own house.”  It is very important to keep on seeking to understand even more deeply the mystery of God becoming man in Jesus.  We can be confident of the Holy Spirit’s help in our search because the Father delights to reveal the mystery of the Kingdom.  Asking questions is important,  but we need to ensure that our questions spring not from unbelief,  as the people of Nazareth did,  but from faith.


Lord, open our eyes so that we may not remain blind to your presence in our life. Amen