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Daily Prayer

October 8th, 2015
"I tell you if a man does not get up and give it to him for friendship's sake, persistence will be enough to make him get up and give his friend all he needs." Luke 11 : 5

St. Luke’s Gospel is very prayerful.  The Apostles had noticed that Jesus very often went off alone to pray.  To them he seemed totally absorbed in his prayer.  Like most people they felt they would love to be able to pray as Jesus did.  So,  one day they asked him to teach them how to pray.   He told them the story of a man who needed three loaves of bread.  His friend who lived far away had come to visit him.  So,  the man went across the road to his nearby neighbours looking for bread.  Apparently it was late at night.  His friend was asleep in bed.  He didn’t want his whole family wakened up.  But his neighbour persisted in knocking on the door and calling for the bread.  So,  to get rid of him he got up and gave him what he wanted.   Apparently this man was well able to supply the bread.   He is an image of God who has everything we need.  Christ says; “Ask and you shall receive.”   Prayer is a relationship between friends.  God is our friend.  We are his friends.  We can be sure of his unfailing generosity.  Jesus is telling us we must be persistent in prayer just like the man who was seeking the bread.  Think of St. Monica who spent years praying for the conversion of her son,  St. Augustine.   We must never give up.  God hears all prayers.  His generosity is unfailing.  he knows our needs even before we express them.  We must not be faint-hearted,  we must persevere.  God wouldn’t ask us to pray if he didn’t intend to listen.  He will help us as only God knows best.  The world has many needs to-day,  the poor,  the sick,  refugees and more priests to provide us with the Bread of Life.


"Let us pray the Lord of the harvest to send labourers into his vineyard." Amen