Prayer of the Day

Monday Before Epiphany

January 4th, 2016
"We have found the Messiah. " John 1 : 35

It must have been a very exciting moment for Andrew and the other disciple when John the Baptist pointed to Jesus calling him the ‘Lamb of God’. Immediately they understood that this was the one who was to bring about the Kingdom of God that John so often spoke about. They were very anxious to meet Jesus so they quickly went after him. He turned and asked them what they wanted. They said they wanted to know where he lived. He invited them to “come and see”. Having met and stayed with Jesus Andrew wasted no time in bringing his brother, Simon Peter, to meet Jesus. The disciples grew in their relationship with Jesus by spending time with him, observing his actions, and listening to his words. We do the same when we open the scriptures and prayerfully read them.


Spirit of God we ask you to help us to read the scriptures with love and attention so that we may grow strong in our relationship with Jesus. Amen