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July 19th, 2016
"Anyone who does the will of my Father in Heaven, he is my brother, sister and mother." Matthew 12 : 50

Mary, His Mother,  accompanied by some of His relations come to visit Jesus but do not get a chance to see Him because the crowd is so vast.  Politely they stand at the back.  Someone recognises them and lets Jesus know they are present at the back of the crowd.  Jesus in front of everyone says; “Anyone who does the will of my Father,  he is my brother,  sister and mother.”


Jesus thank you for these words. Mary your Mother understood them perfectly as she always does the will of your Father. Saint Joseph also did the will of the Heavenly Father. Help us to seek God's will all through our lives. Give us the gift of discernment and be with us as we make our choices in life. May they always be in conformity with the Father's will. Amen