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Daily Prayer

June 2nd, 2016
"To love God with all your heart, with all your understanding and strength, to love your neighbour as yourself." Mark 12 : 28

When a teacher of the law asked Jesus what was the first of all the commandments,  Our Lord quoted Deuteronomy 6 : 4 – ‘Love the Lord your God with your whole soul,  mind and strength.’  He then went on to quote the second commandment – ‘Love your neighbour as yourself,’  saying that there is no commandment greater than these.  The teacher was pleased with Jesus’ answer and added his own observation,  quoted above.  Seeing how wisely the scribe spoke Jesus then told him that he wasn’t far from the Kingdom of Heaven.

A constant theme of Jesus was the central place of love in real religion.  Indeed all world religions are based on laws similar to those in the Jewish tradition.  Unfortunately these laws do not always guide ones actions.  We live at a time when Christians are being persecuted and even killed in the name of religion.  Sadly we Christians too have often forgotten this fundamental law of love in our relations with one another.  We need to reflect often on the new commandment of love which Jesus gave us at the Last Supper.  As his followers we are called to love one another as He has loved us. (John 13 : 14)

To love like Jesus would of course be impossible if we had to do it on our own.  But in our Baptism we have all been given the gift of the Holy Spirit.  All we need to do is ‘fan into a flame the gift we have received.’ (2 Timothy 1 : 6)


Lord Jesus renew your spirit within us that we may love one another as you have loved us. Amen