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Daily Prayer

January 9th, 2014
""They saw him walking on the lake."" Mark 6 : 49

Today’s Gospel (Mark 6: 45-52) gives us another insight into the divine power that dwells in Jesus.  He is able to walk on water and calm the elements.  After the miracle of the loaves and fishes the Apostles go off on a boat while Jesus goes off by himself to pray.  All night long the wind buffets the boat.  Jesus sees them struggling but delays in coming to their assistance.  Eventually he comes most unexpectedly walking on water.  The Apostles are petrified thinking that he is a ghost.  Jesus tells them not to be afraid, then he gets into the boat and all is calm.  Sometimes our lives are tossed around like the Apostles in the boat and Jesus delays coming to our assistance.  In the midst of the struggle we may find it difficult to believe that God’s love embraces us at every moment.  We may even find our belief in the existence of God wavering.  In this Gospel Jesus us telling us not to be afraid or to give up hope.  He never abandons us.  He is very near and he is able to rectify all situations.

Prayer Lord Jesus let nothing separate me from your love. May I face all life's difficulties with confidence and faith. Amen