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August 2nd, 2016
"Tell me to come to you across the water." Matthew 14 : 22
Walkinbg onb the water

This dramatic incident on the sea of Galilee revealed Peter’s character more fully than others.  Here we see Peter’s impulsivity — his tendency to act without thinking of what he was doing.  He often failed and came to grief as a result of his impulsiveness.  In contrast, Jesus always bade his disciples to see how difficult it was to follow him before they set out on the way he taught them.   Peter, fortunately in the moment of his failure clutched at Jesus and held him firmly.  His failures only made him love the Lord more deeply and trust him more intently.  Do you rely on the Lord for his strength and help? Jesus assures us that we have no need of fear if we trust in Him and in his great love for us.



Lord, help me to trust you always and to never doubt your presence and your power to help me. In my moments of doubt and weakness, may I cling to you as Peter did. Amen