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August 18th, 2016
"Invite everyone you can find to the wedding. " Matthew 22 : 1
Daily Prayer

The Jewish people were the first to hear the good news of salvation.  After the Exodus from Egypt God formed the Jewish nation and invited the people into a special relationship of love with him.  Through Moses they were told that if they kept the commandments “they would be his people and he would be their God.”  Today’s parable speaks of this first call to the wedding feast given by the father to those invited (the Jewish people) but they wouldn’t come.  They weren’t really interested.  Some killed the servants (prophets) sent by God.  Then a new invitation was sent out.  Everyone was invited to the feast, bad and good alike.  The only condition was the wearing of a wedding garment (repentance).   All of us, Jew and Gentile, male and female, are now invited to the banquet of the Lord at the end of time.  To sit at the table all that is required is repentance.



Thank you Jesus for inviting each and everyone of us to your banquet. May every member of the human race find a place at your table. Amen