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September 1st, 2016
"They left everything and followed him." Luke 5 : 11
footsteps of jesus

Although Simon was wearied from a night of fruitless toil, he nonetheless did what Jesus asked.   When you meet disappointment and failure, do you lean upon the Lord, like Simon, to hear his word and to receive his command?       God expects of us greater things than we can do by ourselves.  When we cooperate in His works, we accomplish far beyond what we can do on our own.   He wills to do nothing without us.  When people respond to God’s word with faith and obedience they are changed and made “a new creation” in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).  God wants others to see the light of Christ in us in the way we live, speak, and witness the joy of the Gospel. Christ is the wisdom of God and we belong to Him.  We have to leave all and follow Christ.


Lord, fill my heart with love and compassion for those who do not know you or follow you. May I be a good witness of your truth and salvation to my family, friends, and co-workers. Amen