Prayer of the Day

Daily Prayer

November 8th, 2016
"We are merely servants; we have done no more than our duty. " Luke 17 : 7

The term servant became a metaphor for the  Christian life in the New Testament.  Jesus came among us as a servant with no power except the power of love.  At the Last Supper he washed the feet of his disciples in order to give them an example of how they were to serve one another.  The following day on the cross he gave his life.  St. Paul exulted in the fact that his life did not belong to himself but to Jesus, he was a “slave of Christ Jesus.”   As loving and devoted servants of God, like St. Paul, we should accept the loss of everything (Phil 3:8) and be willing to give away our very selves for others without hope of reward as Jesus did.  This intense following of Jesus requires constant conversion.  Let us begin by carrying out our duties today in a spirit of generosity knowing that we can never love God as much as he loves us.


Loving Lord help us to meet the challenge of each day as a gift and a call to serve you. Amen