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Daily Prayer

January 29th, 2014
""He taught them many things in parables."" Mark 4 : 2

The parable of the Sower is not hard to understand because Jesus himself explains it.  God is the tireless sower.  He never gets frustrated,  nor does he stop simply because some seeds never get to yield much.  God just keeps on sowing,  in season and out of season.  He never stops forgiving, loving and creating.  It is God’s nature to go on loving and sowing.  The wisdom and beauty of the parables were cultivated during Jesus’ hidden life.  What hours of prayer and reflection behind these apparently simple and spontaneous parables.  Jesus would have expressed himself otherwise,  but he chose these wonderful short stories that entertained his listeners.

The Word is sown year after year;  on the path,  rocky ground,  among thistles,  and finally in the field.  The Word has been sown in us.  What kind of ground are we?  Who are we listening to and obeying?  Our calling is to go on loving,  even when we are not loved in return,  to persist in forgiving even when our forgiveness is taken for granted.

Prayer God our Father, inflame us with love for all the world and for all peoples. Amen