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February 26th, 2014
"“Do not stop him.”" Mark 9 : 39

 In today’s Gospel we read of someone wanting to be like the Lord, attempting to drive out demons in his name. This individual is forced to stop by Christ’s apostles because he is not one of them. But this unknown Christian has accepted the Lord. He knows the Lord, and because he knows Him, he loves Him and because he loves Him, he wishes to imitate Him. He is a Christian in the truest sense of the word: One who believes in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and lives it. If we imitate the Lord, it means we have come to the full realization of who He is. It is not partial or selective, it is total. It is all or nothing. I cannot love someone I do not know. And if I love Him, then it means I cannot live without Him. My life is a reflection of Him, created in his image and likeness. For this reason he invites us all to imitate him: to knock on the door, to be the door, and to be the doorkeeper for he says, “I am the Gate,  he who ever enters through me will be saved.” (John 10 : 9)

Prayer "Bless Yahweh, my soul, from the depths of my being, his holy name; bless Yahweh, my soul,never forget all his acts of kindness. Amen (Psalm 103 v.1)