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Daily Prayer

February 28th, 2014
"“What God has united, man must not destroy.”" Mark 10 : 9

Both marriage and celibacy are calls from God to live a consecrated life, that is to live as married couples or as singles, who belong not to themselves but to God.  Our lives are not our own, but they belong to God.  He gives the grace and power to those who seek to follow his way of holiness in their state of life.  Marriage involves a partnership of not just two persons — a husband and wife, but a third as well.  It is God who joins with a husband and wife when they become “one flesh.”  God wants an unbreakable union between himself and his people.  And this is only possible through the gift and working of his Holy Spirit who purifies us and makes us one in Christ.  We are called to be one with God, in a union so intimate and a bond so strong that nothing can separate it or destroy it, not even death itself.  (Rom. 8 : 35; Song of Solomon 8 : 6)

Prayer "Lord Jesus Christ, your call to holiness extends to all in every state of life. Sanctify our lives that we may live as men and women who are consecrated to you. Make us leaven in a society that disdains life-long marriage fidelity, chastity, and living single for the Lord." Amen