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August 26th, 2014
""Alas for you Scribes and Pharisees, you pay your tithes, but you have neglected the weightier matters of the Law - justice, mercy, good faith."" Matthew 23 : 27

The Pharisees were good people when it came to keeping the Law.   They paid their taxes,  observed the Sabbath and all the outward trappings laid down by the Torah.  But,  alas,  their hearts were far from the God whose Laws they were observing to the letter.

Law was their God.  They had forgotten the God of the Law.  As Christ pointed out to them,  “the Sabbath was made for man,  not man for the Sabbath.” (Mark 2 : 27)  “The son of man is master of the Sabbath.”   Christ tried to tell them that love of God and love of neighbour were the most important of all laws.  Without that love,  our lives are sterile.  Do we not share with Christ the same flesh and blood that he took on at the Incarnation?  Are we not then other Christs’?   When we look at another human being,  are we not looking at God’s very presence among us?

Creation is God with us,  God everywhere in everything that exists in our world.  God in the lilies of the field,  in the birds of the air and the fishes of the sea.  have we anything that is not of God?  Remember,  even the ground we stand on is holy,  as God told Moses on Sinai.

So, let us rejoice and be happy that all of us human beings are God’s children made in his image and likeness.  We are all united in love – love of one another,  no matter our beliefs,  our nationality or the colour of our skin.  We are united in the love of our creator without whom none of us would exist.  Should we not all of us be looking out for refugees,  homeless people seeking asylum.  That is the Pope’s intention for this month.

Prayer Let us pray: O God, our creator from whom we come and to whom we return, unite all of us and make us one in the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen