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Daily Prayer

October 21st, 2014
""Happy those servants whom the master finds awake when he comes."" Luke 12 : 37

The overall theme of today’s gospel is “watchfulness and patient waiting” for the day or night when the Lord will call us from this world.  Jesus tells us that we must be like servants who wait for the return of the master from a wedding feast.  In Israel this was a long process as wedding celebrations could go on for a week.  So the master could come at any time day or night during or after the celebration.  If he came during the night the servants would be expected to have their lamps lit and be fully dressed and ready to serve the master.  Disciples of Jesus should live with the same expectation.    God loves us so much that he wants us to be ready when he comes so that he can share his wedding banquet with us.  Every celebration of the Eucharist is a foretaste of this wedding feast.

Prayer "My soul give thanks to the Lord, all my being, bless his holy name. My soul give thanks to the Lord, and never forget all his blessings." (Psalm 102) Amen