Prayer of the Day

Daily Prayer

January 10th, 2015
""This text is being fulfilled today."" Luke 4 : 21

In today’s gospel Luke gives us what can be described as the mission statement of Jesus.  In the synagogue in Nazareth, on the sabbath, Jesus reads from the scroll of the prophet Isaiah.  When he is finished reading he sits down and tells the people that he is the fulfilment of that prophecy.  The Lord’s year of favour mentioned in the reading was the Jubilee year mentioned in Leviticus.  It was a time when slaves and prisoners were set free, debts forgiven, and the mercy of God made manifest.  Jesus, as God’s anointed, can bring good news to the poor, set prisoners free and give the blind new sight.  The people of his own town ultimately rejected Jesus and so we are told he wasn’t able to work many miracles there.   We can also accept or reject Jesus.  If we accept him into our lives he will walk with us every day and gradually detach us from all the things that imprison us such as negative emotions and addictions.  As we grow in our relationship
with Jesus our spiritual blindness will be removed and we will be given new sight.  We will become more like Jesus in our relationships with other
people, ready to forgive and show mercy.

Prayer Lord Jesus help us to identify the attachments that imprison us. Give us the courage to begin a real relationship with you so that with your help we can overcome whatever it is that separates us from you. Amen