Prayer of the Day

Daily Prayer

March 11th, 2015
""Lord, direct my steps as you have promised and let no evil hold me in it's power."" Psalm 119 v.133

In to-day’s Reading Moses said to the people; “Hear now the decrees and laws I am about to teach you.” (Deuteronomy 4 : 1-9)   What is meant by adding to the laws or subtracting from them?  These laws were the Word of God and they are complete.  To presume to make changes in God’s law is to assume a position of authority over God who gave the laws.   Jesus rebuked the Jewish religious leaders in Matthew 5 : 17 “Jesus said to his disciples; ‘I have not come to abolish the law or the prophets,  I have come to complete them. The person who keeps these commandments and teaches them will be considered great in the Kingdom of God.'”   Do the laws God gave to the Israelites still apply to-day.  To-day’s Gospel holds the answer in Jesus’ own words.  God never issued a law that did not have a purpose.

Prayer Lord grant us to be obedient to the commandments and form our life styles by them. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen