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March 23rd, 2015
"“Neither do I condemn you.”" John 8 : 11

In this Gospel excerpt, Jesus deals sharply with the Pharisees who question  Him about the Mosaic law.  They bring  him  a woman caught committing adultery, punishable by death in Jewish law.  He upbraids them, telling them to throw the first stone if guiltless, while He writes on the ground. One by one they disappear, and Jesus tells the woman she is no longer condemned, but to sin no more.  Some think Jesus wrote the sins of the Pharisees on the ground, but his words to the woman showed his compassion, understanding and forgiveness.  In these days when so many are condemned as victims of trafficking, we know of many laws which punish these victims of exploitation unjustly,  and yet allow the perpetrators of these crimes to go free.  Our society needs a different mind-set.

Prayer We pray for a renewed compassion for all who are victimised in our society in today’s world, and that our laws will reflect Christian values. Amen