Prayer of the Day

Eight Week of the Year

May 28th, 2016
"What authority have you for acting like this? " Mark 11 : 27
Jesus tells them

In today’s Gospel there is great tension in the air.  The chief priests, scribes and the elders representing the priestly, scholarly and administrative authority of the Sanhedrin are challenging Jesus to tell them on whose authority he turned out the money-changers  from the Temple.  Jesus responds in typical rabbinical form with a counter question.  By whose authority did John the Baptist baptise?  His opponents are faced with a fierce dilemma.  If they answer that John’s baptism was of heavenly origin they will be forced to admit that they have opposed God by refusing to believe John.  On the other hand they know that if they say it was of human origin it will provoke a hostile reaction from the crowd.  They save face by saying ‘we do not know.’  From now on they will be determined to kill Jesus.


Lord Jesus help us to see through our prejudices and free us from our self-righteous ways; let us see ourselves in truth. Amen