Prayer of the Day

Feast of Bl. Thaddeus MacCarthy, Bishop

October 25th, 2016
" The seed grew and became a tree." Luke 13 : 18

What do these two parables communicate to us? The Kingdom of God compared by Jesus to a seed that becomes a tree.

What makes the mustard seed grow? The soil. That is, soil that is soft, nurturing and friendly to the seed. The seed, in response to so much care, is prepared to, willing to and ready to open itself up to and for the world.

What makes the Kingdom of God grow?  Love. That is, Christ’s love. His immense, unconditional, personal (and universal), self-giving love for me, for us, for all of us! Christ taught us how to love. “There is no greater love than this: To lay down your life for another.” Or better, “if the kernel does not fall to the ground and die, it will never produce any fruit.”


Lord increase our faith, hope and love. Amen