Prayer of the Day

Feast of Our Lady of Knock

August 17th, 2016
"Why be envious because I am generous. " Matthew 20 : 1
Our Lady of Knock

The parables of Jesus were very challenging for the Jewish religious leaders. Today’s parable of the workers who arrived at the eleventh hour and were given the same wages as those who worked for the whole day was no exception.  It called into question their understanding of the relationship between God and his people.  Perhaps it is equally challenging for us who still believe that we can earn salvation through our own efforts and are inclined to condemn those we think are falling short.     It is true that God rewards our efforts but salvation is a free gift given to us through Jesus.  We cannot earn it for ourselves.  God loves each one of us equally and like the father in the parable of the Prodigal Son he hopes against hope that we will respond to his love even at the eleventh hour.  If we are called and respond at the first hour it is our great honour and privilege to work for such a loving God.


Loving God give us the generosity to work towards the promotion of your kingdom every day of our lives without complaint. Amen