Prayer of the Day

Feast of Ss Andrew dung-Lac, Priest & Companions, Martyrs

November 24th, 2015
"Not a single stone will be left unturned." Luke 21 : 5

In today’s Gospel Jesus predicts the destruction of Jerusalem and the destruction of the world. Both catastrophes are signs announcing the second coming of Jesus. For the Apostles, Jesus’ announcement of the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem was a shock because the Temple was for a Jew the most precious treasure on earth. The purpose of Jesus’ announcement was not so much to proclaim destruction as to proclaim salvation. Jesus did it not to frighten people but to give them courage. The second coming of Christ should not be taken as a frightening event but as a joyful one, since it brings us salvation.


Lord Jesus, fill me with the joy and hope of your everlasting kingdom. Amen