Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Aidan

January 30th, 2014
""Take heed what you hear."" Mark 4 : 24

In today’s reading,  we learn that Jesus sends us out as salt and light for the world.  United to him our lives must shine out as radiant light,  so that others may see the joy and beauty of being a Christian.   The notion that one would purchase a lamp and then immediately place it under a bed,  is amusing.  We need burning lamps to dispel the depression and helplessness in our culture.  The lamp with light symbolises presence.  In this parable,  the lamp also symbolises the prophetic word – the saving and transforming light that Jesus brings,  which the disciples will bring to all peoples.   A practical implication of this teaching is that we should not be ashamed of the Gospel – the power of God.   We receive many graces,  not only through the Sacraments,  but also through prayer,  reading the Word of God,  doing acts of charity and mercy.   It is important that we savour,  ponder and meditate the depth of Jesus’ teaching.  It is the Holy Spirit who creates within us a reverence and love for the words and teachings of Jesus.   It is also the Holy Spirit who imparts wisdom,  insight and clarity so that we can understand his teaching.

Today,  we celebrate the Feast of St. Aidan who was born in Inisbrefny Co. Cavan and was a monk under St. David in Wales.  He became the first Bishop of Ferns Co. Wexford, and founded a number of monasteries, including those at Ferns and his birthplace of Inisbrefny

Prayer Heavenly Father, you gave me ears that I may hear the Gospel. Open my heart that I may understand more clearly your teaching and that I may be a light to all those I meet. Amen