Prayer of the Day

Feast of st. Aloysius Gonzaga

June 21st, 2014
"“Look at the birds of the air… Consider the lilies of the field…”" Matthew 6 : 26

The sayings on care and anxiety seek to free the followers of Jesus from excessive concern about food and clothing: “Do not worry about what you are to eat…” We are urged to reflect on God’s care as shown in nature – viz. the birds and the wild flowers and to realise that human beings are even more important in God’s sight. We are asked to admit that worrying does not really solve anything (v. 27), and to recognise if our heart is set on serving God alone: these matters will take care of themselves. (v. 33) The God whom we address in prayer as ‘Father’ knows all that we need.

Worry and genuine concern are different: worry immobilises us, but concern moves us to action.

Prayer Lord, as I contemplate the common flower of the field, may I be reminded of your concern for all creation. Amen