Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Andrew Kim Taegon & Companions, Martyrs

September 20th, 2014
""The sower went out to sow the seed."" Luke 8 : 5

In first century Palestine,  there were various practices of planting.  The one described in today’s Gospel is that of ploughing after sowing.   Some seed is lost because it has no good soil or is choked by thorns.  But in the end,  the abundant harvest far compensates for the loss.  This is a picture of Jesus’ work of ushering in the Kingdom.  He meets many obstacles,  but ultimately he achieves success which far outweighs any failure.

Just as there are four types of soil in the parable,  our hearts can be in any one of four conditions.  The parable teaches us how to live the Christian life on a daily basis.  When we were baptised,  we were immersed into the Death and Resurrection of Christ,  and God generously gave us the seed of his new life.  In a very real way the parable of the Sower is about prayer.  Prayer is where we become the “good soil” and in prayer we allow the seed to grow,  mature and bear fruit.

Today,  we celebrate the feast of the first Korean priest,  Andrew Kim Taegon and a catechist by the name of Paul Chong Hasang.  They and hundred and one others were martyred during the persecution of the Church in Korea,  1839 – 1967.  During his recent visit to Korea,  Pope Francis beatified one hundred and twenty four Korean martyrs who were the original founders of the Korean Catholic Church.  The Beatification Mass was celebrated in Seoul.

Prayer Lord, fill me with the joy of hearing your Word. May the seed of your Word bring forth abundant fruit in me. Amen