Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Boniface, Bishop & Martyr

June 5th, 2015
""My soul give praise to the Lord."" Antiphon

In today’s Reading (Tobit 11 : 5-17)  we follow the incident of the cure of Tobit’s blindness,  his wife Anna expectantly waiting and welcoming her son Tobias to return home.  Tobias is accompanied by Raphael.  Raphael explains to Tobias before he meets his father that his father’s eyes will open and tells him how to apply the gall of the fish to his father’s eyes.   Tobias greets his father saying; “Courage my father” and anoints his father’s eyes with the medicine and left it there awhile,  then peeled away the filmy skin from the corners of his eyes.  His father wept when he could see again saying; “I can see again my son, the light of my eyes.”  And he said; “Blessed be God,    Blessed be his great name.  Blessed be all his angels!  Blessed be his great name forevermore.”  There was great joy,  Tobias told his parents about his journey and how he had married Sarah and that she was following his closely home now.  Tobit could now set off for the gates of Ninevah where Sarah was and met his son’s bride,  blessing God that he could see again.  There was great joy and thanksgiving in the family when Tobias brought his bride home. “Welcome daughter,  blessed be your God for sending you to us.”

Gospel Acclamation; “Alleluia,  Alleluia,  your words Lord gladden the heart and give light to my eyes.  Alleluia.”

Prayer Almighty Father, let your light so penetrate our minds that walking by your commandments, we may always follow you, our leader and guide. We make our prayer thro' Christ our Lord. Amen