Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Cecilia

November 22nd, 2014
"“God is not God of the dead but of the living, for to Him all are alive.”" Luke 20 : 38

At the beginning of this week we had references to light and darkness. Here we have two further contrasting symbols – death and life, the dead and the living.

The Sadducees came to Jesus with a question to trap him; they wanted him to say something they could refute. Even so, Jesus did not ignore or belittle their question. He answered it and then went beyond it to the real issue.

Our excerpt for today concludes the altercation between Jesus and the Sadducees who did not believe in the resurrection, which was interpreted as a reanimation of the body. Jesus begins by advancing his own understanding of the Resurrection. We must not think of heaven as an extension of life as we now know it. Our relationships in this life are limited by time, death and sin. We don’t know everything about our resurrection life, but Jesus affirms that relationships will be different from what we are used to here and now.

The ultimate answer for which we risk everything rests in God’s hands and heart. It is a divine mystery. Already we are part of life on earth and life in heaven.

Prayer Lord, I thank you for your wonderful love in my life. Amen