Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Columbanus, Abbot & Missionary

November 23rd, 2015
"He noticed a poverty stricken widow putting in two small coins." Luke 21 : 1
St Columbanus, St Patrick Mary our Mother ( knock Photo in Basc)

The widow’s generosity is a good lesson for us. We can be extremely generous, but, none of this will be worth the while if we only give “from our plenty”, without any loving or generous spirit, without offering ourselves along.  She gave whatever she had, for she had God in her heart.    Jesus is not asking us to give away our entire livelihood.  He is seeking a willing heart that gladly makes sacrifices for the sake of his kingdom.  He wants our trust.  He wants us to rely on his generosity and his ability to protect us when we care enough to disregard the cost of helping others.  Let us put our faith into action.


Lord, help us to say thank you forever and sincerely for as long as I have a voice. Amen