Prayer of the Day

Feast of St. Dominic

August 8th, 2016
"Go to the lake, cast a hook; take the first fish that bites, and there you will find a shekel; take it and give it to them (as tax)for me and for you. " Matthew 17 : 21

In this passage we see Matthew’s Jesus conforming to the Jewish law. Matthew’s Gospel was firstly directed at the Christian converts from Judaism, and Matthew is keen to point out how well Jesus obeyed even in tariff giving to the Temple upkeep. The first part of the Passage refers to the Passion prediction ; strangely juxtaposed as we are aware that Jesus was unjustly prosecuted for non-compliance with Jewish law!  However the miracle of finding the fish to locate the coin also highlights perhaps  the scarcity of ready money in the Capernaum household, where Jesus sometimes lodged with Simon Peter’s family!


Lord help us to share willingly our goods and talents with others. Help us support our governments. Amen